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tv   Headline News  RT  July 12, 2014 2:00pm-2:30pm EDT

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and they need to see the big sounds like of days. tonight deadly israeli strikes hit more targets in gaza are apparently including a home for people with disabilities the total number of palestinians killed in the five day offensive is now almost reached one hundred thirty. he prayed in army shelling suburbs in the city of donetsk one of the biggest in the country's east prompting locals to flee now civilian deaths are being reported to. brits fear for the future of the state health care service saying a trade treaty will see the n.h.s. ripped apart by private american medical for as we investigate this our.
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life marty's headquarters here in moscow tonight it's kevin with you just past ten pm here now on our top story then over a dozen palestinians were killed on saturday morning as the israeli offensive on gaza rented its fifth day among the dead a victims of strikes which reportedly hit a charity for people with disabilities and an ngo for special needs children the overall number of casualties now stands at one hundred twenty seven. i thank you. i. don't know and yet and i don't know how to but i'm not that i. owe the world. of
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her part medical officials in gaza say about three quarters of all palestinians killed this week civilians among them twenty four children israel insists it's only targeting hamas militants and their facilities because of those a narrow area crammed with almost two million people residential districts of frequently caught up in the firing line with israel now readying for a possible ground invasion locals are expecting the worst as harry fear reports. several days into the latest escalation between israel and hamas and the situation in gaza has not eased. israel appears to be preparing for more hard hitting campaigns to rein in her mass rocket fire along the israel gaza border as thousands were ordered to evacuate a warring indicating that a ground invasion may be imminent and that unless we were attacked by f. sixteen jets to destroy her home. the whole neighborhood left when the israelis
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began demanding people move out of their seat and their children say so we left the area and then did up on the streets rockets continue to be fined vigorously from gaza israel struck over one thousand targets many of which homes friday morning the air force targeted a building belonging to a family in shaikh redwine locals are adamant that it was just a residential building they also billion there are no weapons. nothing is. hidden within this building as you can see i don't know why the family managed to evacuate before the main missile struck no one was injured but they didn't have time to take their belongings before the house was destroyed late thursday night a peculiar strike took place at gaza's marina a boat owned by the international freedom flotilla coalition was the sole target gaza's ogg was
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a humanitarian project designed to export goods from the besieged enclave to the outside world to boost gaza's economy and iraq does a symbol of palestinian nonviolent resistance in the face of what they see as the israeli occupation palestinian activists say israel struck the boat to ruin their work but it's unclear if militants were at the marina that night in what's normally a relatively safe area of gaza more than eight hundred gazans have been injured and the health care system is struggling to keep up with. the truth in. is gradually decreasing if the doctors aren't provided with medicine it will soon be tougher to provide such services with border crossings closing and intensifying bloke who and this is really a school ocean in gaza. as large as this war goes on it's the palestinian civilian population that is paying the greatest price the bodies continue to arrive at
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gaza's hospitals israel says it's got hundreds of strikes after exactly against gaza it feels very much like this is not the end of the latest israel gaza war carries fear artsy. and if. even in the last few minutes the death toll has gone up we were talking about one hundred thirty palestinians confirmed killed but no reach two hundred thirty five which has been announced by the local medics there. but in the past couple of hours the un security council has called for a cease fire in the escalating conflict its statement to money the restoration of carmen direct talks between israel and palestine was approved by all fifteen members of the un's most powerful body. and here's the reaction from the human rights chief to she's deeply worried apparently by israel's attacks on gaza is raising the question of illegality i commissioner navi pillay said civilian casualties are raising big concerns over israel violating international law she went on to say the goals are offensive has triggered public outrage as well around
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the world let's get some of those comments this is what's happening in washington's what's been happening to demonstrators angry about it crowd converging on the israeli embassy there for an end to the assault and calling israeli leaders terrorists picture in cairo now police used tear gas there to disperse a gaza solidarity protest on friday egypt's foreign ministry condemned the israeli air strikes but many egyptians didn't think that statement went far enough around one hundred demonstrators in paris denouncing the carson offensive to mark the end to what they describe the massacre. of bush. from garza's university believes israel is capable of hitting militant targets without putting civilians under threat. is a very small territory and it is very much packed with one point eight million palestinians but even in spite of that if this rain is wanted to hit him in a turn toward those who are responsible for the launching of rockets against
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israeli towns and villages they are able to basically do without without in their injuring palestinian civilians in there doing this to populated areas now is where it is clearing the houses which are been hit on targeted by the israeli bombardment they have been known to emasculate down to the islamic jihad militants but they don't give warning are most of the time to hit these houses without prior warning which they live which results in civilian death thousand million casualties. all the mounting international pressure to end the violence those of no effect on the ground the israeli leaders avoid to continue the guards are offensive and hamas isn't backing down either reading more rockets into israel or middle east correspondent paula sleep here has more from tel aviv. the situation here in israel is extremely tense barrages of rockets continue to be fired at the country from gaza there was one incident when
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a gas station in the city of ashdod was hit and one person has been seriously injured in fact that is the most serious incident so far ninety percent of the rockets that are coming from gaza are intercepted by the iron dome anti-missile defense system on friday night three missiles were intercepted over the skies of tel aviv and i was at an open field when this happened and it's almost surreal people who rushed out of a cars and there's almost a few seconds before they can get to the ground or hide behind some kind of building many people just watching this interception in the sky and when it happened there was this huge applause that went up from people on the street where i was but certainly people are afraid what we're hearing from the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is that he will not back down and he will certainly not back down to international pressure he says and i'm quoting that the battle is progressing as planned so there is the sense on the ground that this could ultimately lead to a ground offensive as you well know thousands of reserve soldiers have been called up the head of the israeli army is also saying that gazans made a grave mistake by launching rockets at israel and that they will bring disaster
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upon themselves so certainly the rhetoric that's coming out at the moment does seem to suggest that this operation will continue and possibly continue for quite some time. just to remind you keep across what paul is managing to find out a miserable following of regular updates on twitter. to be an hour. on my. neighbors from ukraine next residential areas in the outskirts of donetsk have come on their artillery fire for the third time in less than a day with residents now evacuated not eastern city locals say civilians have been killed by. the way. you showed you did the study of the wolf him short. the brothers are sure of. one of five hundred government fighters are putting the civilian death toll much oil first city this is doing more from
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real financial issues in eastern ukraine. the southern president fighting happened in the outskirts of the city of donetsk one of the biggest cities here in eastern ukraine with a population of one million people we know that multiple rocket launcher known as get out of jail was used there followed by. the pictures we received from the ground show dramatic device station and we can clearly see that a residential area was targeted and we're also hearing reports that local orphanage and chilled to a role so heat and many already compare the scenes with the city of slovyansk to key target of ukrainian army four months of will keep calls and i searched reporter promise we'll take you live to brontosaurus we can now where president putin is are going to be addressing reporters. i'm just going first of all i would like to thank you for your chordal invitation. and for this opportunity.
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or for the invitation on the opportunity to have this meeting and have a chance to discuss our prospects and cooperation argentina is definitely one of the significant partners of russia in latin america. we have been called to write in all areas. on political level we are maintaining permanent contact with madam president we have had personal meetings and we have had some dissent conversations. we keep the context of why our. governments. have intergovernmental commissions and also the volume of trade is also growing that i would not despite the difficulties in the world economy last year the level of the volume of trade has grown. by more than sixty percent
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which is a very good sign it's a good number one nonetheless we still have more to look forward to there are prospects for diversification of our cooperation. and we agree our positions on the international arena we should keep a line in them. including our viewpoints on the different international situations as deployments often say they are coincide or are very similar and next year we're going to celebrate a hundred and thirty years. since the diplomatic relations between russia and the started which is a very. cute. reason to celebrate and i would like to tell you included madam president and everyone present now that it would be very interesting for both sides. to have a year of culture of argentina in russia of culture of rushing argentina
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to celebrate that and we're sorry this would be a good way to bring to close our people our nations to show of the deeper cultural relations and mutual understanding of the tendency for development not only in the world culture but in the. political life and life in general in the world. and i would like to say that starting with two thousand and nine we have been working on the implementation of the plan to bring our relationship to the strategic partnership level we have been working on all the areas which i have already mentioned and i am hopeful for full cooperation and i would like to once again saying madam president for this opportunity to have a fruitful discussion of all the issues of interest to both sides thank you very much. on the north koreans that i was i literally had my up well if we can but he
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also said i think that i want to. oh hard and fast points taken there he was just basically president putin thinking his argentinean counterpart for inviting me along talking about one hundred thirty years since diplomatic relations started between russian argentina and maybe hoping for. a year culture between the two countries the nitty gritty was coming up in the questions next but we have appeared not to have a translation for that at the moment but of course as soon as our correspondents are across that will tell exactly what was agreed it was expected that russian argentina were going to sign a deal on close collaboration in the nucleus sector and also argentina it's well known has been looking for a big investments in its as yet largely untapped shale oil
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and gas reserves there are a lot of them in patagonia. ok well since we get the bullet points from we will of course update you throughout the course of the evening that was a live news conference there between the russian argentinian presidents. britain's publicly funded health service responding carved open by american health care giants according to protest is in london who are anxious about a plan trade deal between the e.u. the united states the marched of the e.u. office in the british capital and polly boyko was there to. but this protest is all about what could end up being the biggest trade pact in history the u.s. and the e.u. are negotiating over the potential creation of a massive free trade area now washington and brussels say it's all about the creation of more jobs roosting the economy and making more joyous more your arsenal to make the most fun as you can here by the slogans and the banners that deal has
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more than its fair share of a home and here in britain there's a particular concern over the future of the national health service the universal medical care system that is being asleep guarded by a lot of people here in the u.k. now the coalition government as part of a shake up of the n.h.s. has already contracted out an increasing number of services to private profit making companies and the worry is that this deal would allow u.s. companies to come into the n.h.s. and privatized parts of it irreversibly said the protesters here are demanding that the national health service the british national health service is kept out of the potential us e.u. trade agreement entirely now of course these talks are being held in secret that worries protesters as well they simply don't know what's being discussed but the main e.u. negotiator has assured that the future of the n.h.s.
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will be fully safeguarded so briefer than the pros and cons of the t t o p agreement supporters say it will benefit europe by creating new jobs and generating a hundred billion euros a year the air is potentially affected by the treating clude the environment investment health care education and labor critics though say the deal will open the doors to things such as fracking and genetically modified food and maybe lead to a corporate takeover and declining wages to the agreement as a golden concern in europe germany peter all of us spoke with civil rights campaigner michael airflow about the possible threats posed by the treaty. what are the major concerns for germans about the tea tape negotiations. in germany there are a lot of citizens who are worrying that european standards will sink we're talking about consumer protection and environmental protection those standards are lower in the u.s. there are also worries that international investors and corporations will receive
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special legal treatment that will lead to the abolition of some environmental and social protection laws. in the last two weeks we have seen the relationship be somewhat strained with regards to spying but do you think that would have any kind of impact on the negotiations for the trade deal all is this pretty much already a done deal chimney all set to sign that part of it is going to cause i don't believe it will have a significant effect on talks it's going to take until the end of two thousand and fifteen when negotiations should be completed this current affair will be forgotten quickly and i think negotiations will continue as if it didn't happen thank you very much it does seem that despite germany taking the unprecedented action of expelling that cia operative and seemingly standing up to the united states when it comes to trade they are going to sign this deal despite the concerns of some of the citizens here in germany. well talking of spying and trade coming up the changing role of drones from being deadly to bringing deliveries the military of but given
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the rough reputation but the civilian use is also raising concerns too will tell you what i just ahead. this is what we do we kill people and break things. we can see something if simple as people playing soccer game we can see individual players and we can see the ball . you can almost see his facial expression you can see is a mouth open crying out. maybe he cursed us or maybe he asked. for forgiveness for. there must be near certainty that no civilians will be killed or injured.
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hello again this is artie delivery could be on the brink of revolution getting a pizza as you books all the latest gadget maybe from a career on a scooter could soon be a thing of the past maybe not such a news story but the world's biggest retailer amazon wants government permission to test drone technology in seattle it believes indeed that one day drug deliveries will be as normal as trucks on the road today some pioneers of already taken the
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bull by the horns nice way to get pizza this done what it would do to your margarita when it lands this is a pizza out of northern russia they started flying through the custom as you can see kind of went also to private drones though maybe on the output some lead is. thinking about germany germany's chances certain angle merkel wasn't all pleased of that buzzing around a journal lection rally last year also got this video to daring aerial two of the kremlin raising a few concerns in moscow yet take some great pictures lot of awards be won for pictures taken from drones operating drones near airports those big issues have been already cases where they've now really avoided collisions with planes we are standing drones campaign ed can they what else is wrong with using drones for civilian use. one reason is the very high accident rate of this new technology another reason is that technology is rapidly advancing is evolving very
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quickly in developments in commercial drone technology feed into military drone technology third reason it's also probably bad for working people it's a form of automation but displaces jobs for three reasons is that with many drones in the skies it's going to be very difficult to identify them not to mention the whole issue of privacy we already have a government with the n.s.a. poking into our business we don't need more surveillance in this country. play more stories here online as well including the bullets which always hit their mark whichever way you aim them thanks to self guided ammo that now being developed by the us seems that snipers will soon no longer need to be good shots plus to dig deeper into the mysteries of love what we have here will archaeologists is celebrating finding this pair of romantically in twine skeletons the romeo and
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juliet of the bronze age you can see more pictures and hear more about that dig but are. more the worlds news in brief a gas explosion in istanbul killed at least one person and injured eight others the blast happened on the ground floor of a packaging workshop currently emergency crews are searching for more bodies were thought to be trapped under that rubble it's the second gas explosion in turkey in this moment. i mean these pictures of the room there hundreds of nurses marching on the headquarters of the state health care service the demonstrations took place almost a month into a nationwide strike over wages and working conditions the state health service says the walkouts illegal indeed has been firing medical staff who take part the nurses carried fake coffins to symbolize what they say is manages efforts to kill democracy. while in neighboring brazil rio of course ready itself gearing itself
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for the world cup final between germany and argentina and that means deploying you security contingent of some twenty five thousand officers to police the tens of thousands who fans have decided on the city specially for sunday's match. jihadists from the south proclaimed islamic state are expanding their influence in syria and iraq reportedly raking in around a million dollars a day by selling oil from facilities they've captured in both countries they've also received a thousand man back up to after an entire syrian rebel brigade reportedly crossed over to join the islamists nonetheless the u.s. is unwilling it seems to give up its support for what it calls the moderate syrian opposition as going to church or can reports now. more rebel groups there pledge allegiance to the islamic state the extremist group now controls a vast part of iraq and syria and has announced a talent fate one report says a thousand strong syrian rebel brigade arrived at the headquarters of the islamic
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state in a convoy of over a hundred vehicles including ten tanks ceased from syrian government forces for several years now u.s. officials have been trying to create this image of the syrian opposition as former teachers farmers and dentists fighting against bashar assad the speedy advance of the isis showed just how much more complicated the situation is the obama administration began to stumble when answering questions about the contradiction between u.s. efforts in syria and now in iraq. oftentimes the challenge is if you have former farmers or teachers. or pharmacists. who now are taking up. opposition against a battle hardened regime. with support from external actors that have a lot at stake how quickly can you get them trained washington is still determined
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to continue arming the syrian opposition the white house has asked congress for half a billion dollars in aid for the syrian opposition and you have many hawkish lawmakers here who want just that the white house the forces there are now providing weapons to our moderate but what does moderate mean in that part of the world where everything can change overnight we get into this conflict between who is a radical and who's a moderate and who we're going to arm and then people change sides look what happened in iraq in recent years and it gets so confusing that even the experts don't understand it and get all tongue tied when they try to describe it in light of the onslaught of these lawmakers state you can often hear the criticism that in its zest to remove assad washington may have overlooked the threat of this radical group in washington i'm going to check on our team. thanks for being with us now
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before i disappear for this just to take over the books that we were showing a lot of media conference with the russian president's talking just now we thought it was over but we hear apparently president putin may be talking to the media again in the upcoming minutes don't know why don't we going to talk about as soon as that will take in life to it meantime the next about international martin challenging the mainstream media and if in the u.k. you've got sputnik for you with george galloway. when people talk about human rights violations you should involve some pro western protesters getting beaten up and response with mainstream media is usually to bomb somebody somewhere so good thing they haven't picked up a story from detroit that the u.n. is calling a human rights violation residents of the motor city or sadly the former motor city
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who are hundred fifty dollars or more behind on their water bills are getting their water shut off completely the detroit water and sewage department is five billion dollars in debt and that is the justification to crack down on deadbeats on the surface the seems like an open and shut case of course everyone has the right to water especially detroit which is near a huge bodies of fresh water that other cities can only dream of but on the other hand if the poor don't pay for water then us taxpayers will be paying for it for them and that's not fair i think this is not so much a case of a right to water but a right to decent employment in a corruption free city government back when people in detroit had good salaries and a government that wasn't flagrantly corrupt they would have any problems paying for their water bills but that's just my pain. right now seeing. first rate. and i think you're.
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partly. that's out in focus i'm having martin and this is breaking up the set so between speaker of the house john boehner so you know obama over obamacare and the gazelle impairing on the i.r.s. scandal to say that congress is getting nothing done would be a severe understatement but yesterday the senate actually managed to take a big step forward on one of the most important reasons why our current representative system is so toxic and corrupt campaign finance seen a ten to eight vote the senate does.